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Donnerstag, 16. April 2015, 12:58

1997.06.14 - Wuhlrock Open Air, Berlin

After the spring tour through Germany, Switzerland, Austria, many other festivals Rammstein performed at, on my opinion, their second really big concert (after 100 Jahre Rammstein). This time it was really widescale - much bigger arena (Wuhlheide Kindl-Buhne), more bands, much more fans.
but has anybody ever found any info about the actual performance? I'm not talking about video or photos but at least about setlist.
popular band, upcoming Sehnsucht album, news songs - why where is no reviews available at all then?
maybe anybody has something or even was there.
thank you

Rasputin 93

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Donnerstag, 16. April 2015, 22:17

since this concert was some days after that performance AND adding the fact Rammstein was headlining the Wuhlrock thing, I'd assume this setlist to be the same one ;)
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