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Registrierungsdatum: 5. Januar 2012

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Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012, 17:28

PLUNKLOCK Jrock Concert

PLUNKLOCK was formed in November 2010 when four young
musicians decided to create a band that can inspire the world.

The characteristics of PLUNKLOCK` s music are its aggressive
instrumentals and a steady line of melody. Despite their different musical
backgrounds, all of the members agree that even if orchestration is playful,
the basic melody should be pop.

Their music take the good parts of various kinds of music,
such as kayokyoku (popular Japanese music), pops, rock, mixture, loud, and
metal, in a well balanced manner. PLUNKLOCK thinks that the future holds more
importance in visuals rather than just simple audio.

Soon after their first live in
March 2011, they released two singles “Teardrop” and “Breakout” followed by an
impressive number of lives in Japan, bringing them into attention of more and
more fans, magazines and music specialists.
At the moment new songs are recorded gathering enough material for a
studio album.

Their fandom is growing rapidly
inside and outside of Japan, fans are their mojo thus they are ready to blast
the crowds with their original sound and impressive live during their
first European Tour in February - March 2012.


Vocal- Halo

Guitar- Kazuki

Bass- Haruka

Drums - Pinky



In Austria the concert will be held on 26.02 in Vienna @
Reigen Live, Hadikgasse 62.

Tickets can be bought at
, Reigen club and from Kanzen Music official website,

Ticket price: 12 euro in advance, 15 euro at doors.

Jrock on!